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tile99watchWith CTA Watch you will always know the perfect time to leave your home or office. By tapping into real-time transit information for all CTA buses and trains, CTA Watch can locate nearby stops and quickly give you the next arrivals with minimal effort. We fully embrace the glance-and-go philosophy of Window Phone, allowing you to mark your most frequently traveled routes and stops as Favorites. Now every time you launch the app it will instantly display next arrivals right on your home screen, so you can get in, get out, and back to life.


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Easily get directions from A to B using public transit! This app was meticulously detailed to look nearly identical to the native maps application, adding in the much-needed ability to get directions around the city using trains and buses. Use 'My Location' for Start or End without having to type an address, addresses will autocomplete as you type, previous addresses are stored for quick retrieval later on, and the app will save your current directions so you can easily hop between apps and not lose your place while commuting.


open source projects


The Doddle Project is what I have named a set of libraries that offers common functionality necessary in many line of business applications.


A job, task or other activity that is simple or easy to complete.

These projects have three simple goals

  1. Easy to integrate with your project
  2. Completely extensible API
  3. Highly configurable without having to modify source


DoddleAudit will add data auditing to your LINQ to SQL or Entity Framework application.


DoddleReport automatically generates tabular reports from any IEnumerable datasource.

Out of the box it can render reports to Excel, PDF, HTML, and CSV – fully pluggable of course. I designed the project to provide reporting output over the LINQ queries we had already written for the application, but maybe you can find other uses for it.


DoddleImport will allow you to easily import data (with validation) to and from a variety of extensible sources.

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