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Thursday, February 19, 2009 2:49 PM | Comments

A project I am now working on is using the Web Client Software Factory (WCSF) from the patterns & practices team. It is basically an elaborate MVP-based framework that currently sits on top of ASP.NET Webforms. One of the components it ships with is the ObjectContainerDataSource which is a lot like the ObjectDataSource that ASP.NET provides. I admittedly have little experience with either of these controls, since I am not a huge fan of declarative data binding in larger applications. It does however offer better integration with the MVP pattern, simplifying the “bubbling” of DataSource events up to the Presenter to handle them. The Presenter is of course where all of the logic for the view and its services belongs. At first everything was working great: selects, server-side paging, server-side sorting, even inserting. But when I tried some Updates and Deletes with the GridView and the ObjectContainerDataSource...