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Sunday, April 3, 2011 1:29 PM | Comments

update I’ve updated the code to check for the MapZoom event; also fixed a typo of MapClick to MouseClick.   Original Post The Windows Phone Bing Maps control is very close to its desktop Silverlight counterpart, with few missing features. In fact none of the limitations have really impacted my phone projects, until today I ran into a peculiarly missing event: MouseClick. Without MapClick there is no built-in way (to my knowledge) to detect when the user taps on the map. The Map control unfortunately swallows all ManipulationCompleted events, and MouseLeftButtonUp/Down get fired even when the user pans or zooms the map, which we don’t want to concern ourselves with. Blend Triggers to the rescue The solution I came up with is a Trigger called MapTapTrigger. In meeting with a number of other WP7 developers over the past year I came...