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Thursday, February 4, 2010 9:32 AM | Comments

Update I have published the instructions and provided a template that can be used to properly suppress code analysis.   Starting a new project opens the doors for some great things. One of those things for me, was adherence to code analysis from the get-go. Visual Studio 2010 in particular has great Code Analysis Rule Set support allowing teams to carefully dictate which rules they wish to apply and suppress. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before the decision to use Entity Framework 4 put a nice little wrench in my code analysis plan. (As an aside, I will blog more about my decision to use EF4 at a later date -- but long story short, it had to do with the large legacy database that we would be working with). Shortly after loading the existing database into the EDMX and compiling, I was greeted by nearly 1300 code analysis warnings, ranging from naming of properties to...